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Fall/Winter 2009

We've now been living in Valley Center, Kansas for 3 years. Our kids have settled nicely into their schools, sports, and dance classes. Janelle is enjoying her work, now that she has a "normal" job that doesn't require 24 hour, round the clock attention. Kevin is... well, he's still Kevin.

We did our annual production of "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" with Wichita Children's Theatre December of 2008. Janelle played Mom for the 3rd year in a row, Kevin played Dad again, too. This year all the kids were in it, too. Arthur was also Assistant Stage Manager. He says he much prefers being backstage -- but Dad thinks he'll change his mind someday.

We're now in rehearsal for the 2009 production. Because of the volume of people who audition for the show each year, the show is double-cast. Our family will do the Saturday Dec. 12, 3:00 pm performance.

Best Christmas Pageant Ever 2009

Best Christmas Pageant Ever 2009

Disney Cruise March 2009

We got to take our second Disney Cruise during Spring Break this year. It was wonderful. We did a 4-day cruise last time (2006) just to make sure we liked being on the ocean. We'd hate to be 7 days from land and discover that we hated sailing!. Ha. This time we had stops at St Thomas and St Maartin (Virgin Isl). We can't wait to get back on a ship-- but it may be a while, now that the kids are getting near college age (oh, that tuition!)

Kevin & Janelle on their 17th Anniv 2009  Janelle & Kevin with Thom Sesma (Scar, Lion King Vegas)

Anniversary in Vegas, Baby!

Kevin and Janelle celebrated their 17th anniversary in Las Vegas in August.  Thom Sesma, an ol' acting buddy of Kevin's, was playing the role of Scar, the villain, in the Las Vegas production of The Lion King.  It was a nice break from being "Mom" and "Dad" -- and it was wonderful to catch up on old times with Thom.

We're looking forward to our Holiday activites. Aside from being in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, we'll enjoy having Janelle's Mom and Dad come over for Christmas. It's a tradition we've kept for few years now-- ever since we lived in Iowa. They'll come over a couple days before Christmas and stay untill after Christmas dinner. It's nice to have Grandma and Grandpa over for the Holiday.

Then we'll be off to Southern Michigan for visit Kevin's family. His 2 brothers and sister all live within 20 mi of each other, so we'll spend a couple days with each. Always a nice time!

About Edie Mae

Edie is in the 4th grade. She likes to play softball and soccer. She takes a couple dance classes at Wichita Children's Theatre and has been in a couple class productions.

About Emily

Emily is in the 6th grade. She loves to dance. She was in "Camelot" at Music Theatre of Wichita this past summer as well as a few shows with Wichita Children's Theatre.

She plays the saxaphone in her school band.

About Nicholas

Nicholas is in the 8th grade. He loves soccer and would play it year 'round if he could. He also was in "Camelot" at MTW and some shows with WCT. This was his first year appearing with WCT's Black Box Theatre, the High School group.

He plays the trombone and sings in the choir. He was recently picked for the State Middle School Choir

About Arthur

Arthur is in the 10th grade. He just got his Learners Permit, so he will be helping out with all the driving very soon (Dad can't wait!).

Arthur enjoys writing and much prefers being backstage than being on-- but he's not averse to jumping into a role if needed.

About Janelle

Janelle is enjoying her job with Invista-- especially now that she doesn't have the day-to-day grind of managing a processing plant.

About Kevin

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